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I love animals in general, but my dogs are my kids. My first American Eskimo Dog was Gizmo. I got him when I was 21. According to an AOL online questionnaire, this breed would be the best for me. They were right. I had him 12 short years. He passed away a few years ago from Leukemia, but we currently have 3 more American Eskimo Dogs. I don't think I will ever go without at least one. They are smart and happy. Easy to train. I just love them all. 

I have chosen 2 charities to receive proceeds from the sale of these American Eskimo Dog items I have created: Ohio American Eskimo Dog Rescue & Chicagoland Eskie Rescue. I see all of the great work they do not only for the American Eskimo breed, but all dogs. They work with puppy mill rescues & even help to rescue dogs from the meat markets over in Asia and bring them to a better life here in the USA. 

Even if you are not interested in these breed specific items, I hope that you choose to donate at checkout to help them in their mission. All donations will be tracked by Pledgeling. They collect the donated funds and disburse them to the selected charities and have helped to raise millions in donations for causes around the world. 

About Clothing by ME

I was first introduced to Charlies Project through an charity fundraiser. I have what used to be called Asperger's - a form of Autism, so the company's mission is very meaningful to me personally. I also want to bring comfortable, cute & affordable clothing to people. 

I have started a new hobby of learning about & designing my own products as well. I like to stay busy. I hope that you like the items I find and bring to you. I am always open to suggestions & I can create custom designs on leggings & other items for you. Just sent me a message! 

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