We are on the lookout for Brand Enthusiasts...Could it be you?

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We are on the lookout for Brand Enthusiasts...Could it be you?

Clothing by ME is a relatively new company just starting out and we don’t have a huge presence on the web or social media yet – so we need some help – maybe yours? We are looking for positive, upbeat, and outgoing children and women who love leggings and can proudly rep our products.


  • Live in the USA.
  • Have a public, active Instagram & Facebook account. Your following does not have to be huge –the followers need to be interested in your content and active. Meaning they like, share and leave comments.
  • Make a minimum purchase of 1 pair of leggings per month throughout your term.

Chosen Enthusiasts

Enthusiasts will be contacted by direct message and tagged in a post on Instagram within 7 days. If a response is not received in 48 hours, another entrant will be chosen.

Once chosen if no purchase is made within 48 hours of being picked, your Enthusiast position is forfeited. Shipping fees will apply. 

By becoming a Clothing by ME brand enthusiast you agree to the following conditions:

The Contract Period

The Brand Enthusiast will be involved for a period of three (3) months. Unless otherwise stated, and if both parties want to continue the contract after this period, the below terms and conditions will stand on a continuing contract:

Our Ideal Enthusiasts

  • Are genuinely excited, enthusiastic and passionate for our brand and the products we stock.
  • Follows Clothing by ME on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest if you do not already. 
  • Actively interacts on our social media account (reposts, liking commenting etc.). 
  • Posts and tags 2-3 images in which your Clothing by ME clothing or leggings are being worn per month on social media.
  • Promotes and shares a minimum of 2 brand announcements, such as promotions, giveaways, contests and new product launches per month.


  • Provide a minimum of 2-3 photos in which your Clothing by ME clothing or leggingsare being worn per month. Use the tag @clothingbyme.monicaemerson and the hashtag #clothingbyme. Photos must be clear, well lit, in focus, clutter-free, and unfiltered (blurry or dark photos will not be used).  Going beyond the minimum is greatly appreciated!
  • Email the 2-3 images that you post each month, along with 1-2 additional images. Emailed images cannot be watermarked.
  • Photos must be emailed within 7-14 days of receiving the item(s).  We understand that life does not always go as planned, please just let us know if you need more time.

By submitting photos, Clothing by ME has exclusive rights to use the images for marketing, including but not limited to social media, web and print at our discretion during the contract period and in the future post contract.

The Perks

  • A 30% discount code to use on all Clothing by ME purchases. 
  • A complimentary pair of leggings (your choice) at the end of your term.
  • Sneak peeks at new products.
  • The opportunity to have a featured picture and short bio on our Team Members page with links to any of your social media profiles.
  • Our help in growing your own feed and platforms.
  • Lots of love and appreciation. 

Exceeding Expectations

If you are exceeding our expectations and going beyond what is outlined here, we will provide you with additional incentives as a thank you for all your hard work (for example free products, free shipping, additional discounts etc.).

End Contract

We have the right to withdraw you from the contract anytime, without question if we find you are not abiding by the terms and conditions.

If you feel you can commit, please fill out the appropriate application.

Brand Enthusiast Application - Youth

Brand Enthusiast Application - Women

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